Personality- Priority- Conflict-Service

10 13 When Relatiionships CollideOur priorities differ and often times this causes relationship problems. Such was the case of Martha and Mary in Luke 10. Perhaps you are familiar with this story of two sisters (and brother Lazarus) who were hosting Jesus. Martha took on the preparation of food while Mary chose to learn from Jesus while He was teaching. Thus the tension erupted as Martha chastised Mary and tried to bring Jesus into the middle of it.

Sometimes we get so busy “serving Jesus” that we forget to commune with Him. We do things in our own power using our own abilities. We think we are doing right only to realize that Jesus wants our presence first and our service later.  In this passage Martha was too busy. However in John 11, we find her seeking Jesus first while Mary’s emotions kept her from responding as quickly.

The Biblical accounts of these two women offer great insight into honoring and serving Jesus as well as how to adjust our lives and emotions. Both sought a relationship with the Messiah and expressed their faith, service and love in different ways. Our personalities or priorities cause us to respond differently than others. Let’s try and understand one another and make sure that our attitudes and actions bring honor to Jesus. He is the object of our adoration.

Things to Ponder:
Who do you identify with, Martha or Mary?
How does your personality impact your relationship to Jesus?
Is spending time with Jesus is a priority in your daily calendar?
How can you serve Him today by serving someone else in His Name?


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