Teaching is about Connecting

Teaching is Connecting…

connectingAs a leader, you are connecting people’s hearts to the Word, their minds to  concepts and their lives to action. It is quite a challenge and of course there is huge amount of responsibility for the learner. In Hebrew, the idea of teaching means, “to cause to learn”. So how do we do that?

First, by thinking about what your group needs. Each group has some unique  characteristics. For example, the 20’s couples group that Sherry and I lead are newly married and perhaps have young children. We teach and lead so that the lesson makes sense to their lives. The new men’s class, led by Brian Mise would take a different approach than I do.

Second, connecting people with people is another primary purpose of Sunday School. We connect people to other people so they make friends, offer support and “do life together”. Using teaching methods that help the group to interact with each other is an excellent way. But also, sharing information as basic as a name tag and as extensive as personal contact information, help people to feel connected.

Be a Connecting Person

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