Mercy Triumphs Over Judgement

James Mercy TriumphsAren’t you glad that God shows mercy to us when we really deserve judgement? In our Sunday Morning Bible Study this week, James is asking the same question as we fall into the pattern of judging others and even showing favoritism!

We all want to be treated special. We want to be honored, recognized, receive a discount or favor etc.  And while in essence that is okay, it becomes sinful when others are put down, or people are favored over others.

Like today, the early church was guilty of showing favoritism to certain people. In this instance in James 2, it was to the wealthy. Evidently the church catered to these believers to the neglect of the other members. James was clear that this type of behavior was unacceptable and that indicated a breaking of the “royal law” of loving your neighbor as yourself.

In the devotion book, Jesus Calling, we are gently reminded that we can become preoccupied with judging others, circumstances and even the weather. In other words, we develop a critical spirit. Centering ourselves in Jesus is the only way we can get proper perspective. We must remember that He is the Creator, King, Shepherd and we are first and foremost in a relationship with Him as Lord over us.  So, we need to leave the “judging” to Him. And pray that His mercy triumphs over judgement.

Things to Ponder:
Recall how you felt when you received preferential treatment? or did not receive favoritism?
Imagine everyone you talk to today wearing a sign that says “make me feel important”. Would that honor God and them by treating them with respect?
How can we cast away our judgmental attitudes?
Word a prayer asking Jesus to help you.
We should judge un-Biblical/inappropriate behavior like Paul does with the Corinthian church. Do you understand the difference in this type of judgement and the type where we show favoritism?

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