resurrected ChristLast week at a mission conference, we sang the popular song “Shine Jesus Shine”. A classic for motivating people we sang it robustly and with meaning as each word filled the air. Our hearts were in tune with Lord’s direction to “flow river flow, fill the nations with grace and mercy”.  It seems that these words are lifted right out of our text this week in Revelation 22 in our Sunday Morning Bible Study!

The Light of the World, Jesus, shines brightly in the Heaven that He has prepared for us. His love and mercy flow from His throne like a river. We will see His face and He will dwell among us. These descriptors from the beautiful imagery of the Revelator can only begin to describe what Heaven must be like. The Glory that awaits us is beyond words or any man’s attempt to describe this glorious place.

I am not a fan of authors who reportedly die and go to Heaven and then return to go on talk shows and sell books. I prefer to focus on what the Bible says throughout its various writings and especially here in Revelation.  There are two wonderful resources that we have used in our church that only use Scripture and not dreams or after life experiences to describe Heaven. One resource by Randy Alcorn entitled “Heaven” is like an encyclopedia of information. The second resource that has impacted me is by TW Hunt, “From Heaven’s View”. This work gives great perspective as well.

This is the last session of our summer long survey of the Bible. People have conveyed to me how interesting and enlightening our Bible Study has been at Summerville Baptist. I appreciate their comments as well as the dedication of people to study, attend, participate, engage and teach the Word of God as we focus as a  church on the thought of God’s story and our story intertwining.

Things to Ponder:
When are some times you think about Heaven?
Who do you know that is already there? And who do you want to see there?
Do you think we should talk about Heaven more?
I often here people in talking about life say something like “well consider the alternative”. I have and I am okay with it.  How about you?


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