Jesus and His Church …in Action

Church made of Hand with crossShe came to the door and politely asked one of the attendees to speak to the minister. I was teaching and could not pull away, so a lady and two men from the group went into the hallway with young mom who had come to the door. As time passed the men came back to report that they had helped this mother and her family by putting them up for a night in a hotel room. When others heard about this they quickly donated to help defray the cost. This happened this past Wednesday at church. And it happened because “the church was being THE CHURCH”!

Isn’t that what the Great Commission is about? Isn’t that what the early church did as they ministered among themselves but were also willing to look beyond? In our passages for our Sunday Morning Bible Study in Luke and Acts, we find Jesus instructing us to take the Gospel to people. We discover in Acts that those early Christians were practicing their beliefs and helping those in need as well as those whose hearts were empty without Jesus.

This past week SBC once again (and many times over) was the church as people were studying the Word of God… people offered to serve a family… people gave to share expenses… all resulting in hearts being changed and lives blessed. You are the church. How are you sharing the Gospel where you are? This coming Sunday we will gather for inspiration and fellowship. Then we will scatter again to share the love of Jesus.

Thank you for being the church.

Things to Ponder:
In addition to talking about Jesus how do you witness?
Who is in your circle of influence that needs to know about Jesus?
Are you a “taker or a giver” in regards to the ministries of the church?
How can you put into practice the teachings of the early church in Acts 2?

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