Jesus Changed My Life

resurrected ChristAll of history has been impacted by the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We gauge time by it, politics are impacted by it, social mores are formed by it and billions of lives are changed by it. The Resurrection of Jesus was real, proven, and documented. Whether you have trusted Jesus as your Savior or not, your life has already been impacted by His love resulting in His death and by His power resulting in His resurrection.

In our passages this Sunday morning, we see in Mark 15 the horrible scene of the crucifixion where Jesus became our sacrificial lamb. This is the pericope where Mark writes that the Roman centurion could tell that Jesus was not just a mere man. And while the women who went to the tomb did not realize that He was resurrected, they quickly realized that Jesus was God and that he had conquered death, when they found the tomb open and had a conversation with a celestial being (Mark 16). In 1 Corinthians 15, Paul reminds the populace that Jesus is raised from the dead and this His life, death, and resurrection are all essential for the Christian faith.

So, the resurrection of Jesus from the dead is an historical fact. It is also a spiritual reality. We all have the free will to decide if we want to lay our sins at the cross and receive His salvation. Many people “believe” in Jesus, just like they “believe” that George Washington lived. However, the true Believer has given not just a head nod to God, but a heart change to Him.

I often share that trusting Jesus is like walking through a glass patio door. You can kind of see what is on the other side, but it is not until you open the door and walk through it that you really know what this open door leads too. Will you open the door of your heart and walk into the outstretched arms of Jesus right now?

Things to Ponder: 

What does it mean that you are only a prayer away from being in the presence of Jesus? (Mark 15—the altar curtain was opened for all and not just the priests)
Imagine you were at the crucifixion. What do you think your reaction would be?
Imagine you were at the empty tomb. How would you react?
Imagine Jesus is saying to you right now, “I want to cover you with My Righteousness, Love and Peace.” How will you respond?


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