He Suffered for Us…Jesus

YourPlaceinGodsStory3The Old Testament and the New Testament both say that Jesus is the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53. And both you and I can say that He is our Messiah! Praise God.

In our Sunday Morning Bible Study, we are following the “scarlet thread” of the covenant that God made with mankind to bring salvation to His people. Our passage this week is the well-known “suffering servant” passage written some 700 years before Christ. The details are uncanny as they proved true in the death and resurrection from the dead of Jesus the Messiah.

The last few verses of Isaiah 52 and all of chapter 53 describe the mission of Jesus in detail. He “sprinkled the nations” referring to an atoning sacrifice. He was despised, carried our pain, pierced for our sins, mistreated and killed as a common criminal. Yet He was perfect and defeated death so that you and I might have eternal life.

In Acts 8 we read the story of Phillip explaining Isaiah 53 to the seeking Ethiopian. This man had been reading Isaiah and asked Phillip to explain it to him. Think with me how quickly Phillip saw the connection, as did the early church, and shared that Jesus had fulfilled this prophecy.

Each day we too can share the outcome of this passage as we speak with others about the life-changing power of Jesus in our lives. After all we were like sheep going our own way until we acknowledged that Jesus is our Shepherd and Savior.

Things to Ponder:
Does this passage affirm your belief in Jesus?
…Affirm your belief in the Holiness of the Bible?
…Affirm your belief that Jesus is only way for salvation?
Who can you share your faith with today?

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