Some short thoughts

Always have hopeHere are some short phrases that come to mind.  Add your own as you think through these.
* Intentionality is important.
* Consistency creates results.
* Habits have to be formed.
* Success comes through hard work.
* Faith is an action word.
* Love is an action word.
* Life is precious.
* Children are impressionable.
* Seniors should be honored.
* Men seek respect.
*Who are you modeling life for?
* Change is hard and often necessary.
* 80% of  communication is non-verbal.
* Most questions are really  statements.
* Jesus loves you. He really does.
* People need to feel like they are heard.
* Everyone wants to feel significant.
* Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.
* Share Jesus and sometimes use words.
* Speak highly of others.
* Call your mom.
* Take care of pets.
* Pay attention to those who are outcast.
* Seek to live in peace with all.
* Give Grace and Show Mercy.
* Forgive.
* Be filled with the Holy Spirit.
* Don’t take your group for granted.
* Stay connected to Jesus and help connect others to Jesus.

Michael Atkinson

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