God’s Will How do you know?

YourPlaceinGodsStory3How do you know Gods’ will. Most people look at circumstances and assume that God is in the midst of it. Often they miss what God is really doing! In fact, I believe that many of us  adhere to the adages/philosophy/religion of fatalism. Not eveything that happens in life is God’s ultimate will. He will work in and through the circumstances of life. His perfect will is for us to have a relationship with Him so He can communicate directly to us through His Word and/or Spirit.

Now that you are thinking about God’s will, let me turn your attention to our passage (2 Samuel 7) for this week. Nathan, the prophet told King David that he should go ahead and build a temple to house the ark of the covenant. But during the night, God spoke to Nathan and told him that his assumption (based on circumstances) was wrong. As you read through this passage you will discover that God had a completely different plan in place.

God wants to bless our lives. In our Scripture we see David wanting to bless God. Isnt’ that just like God? We think we are doing something for Him only to discover that He is pouring out His love and blessings on us. Instead of David building the temple, God says that He will build a dynasty out of David’s lineage which includes the foreshadowing of Jesus, God the Son, coming to earth.

Knowing and doing God’s will sometimes is a mystery to us. It doesn’t have to be! The Bible, God’s Word to us, tells us specifically how we are to live. The Holy Spirit guides us each day if we let Him. God will use other believers as well, just like He used Nathan to speak to David. I pray that you will live in the midst of God’s will and that His love and guidance will direct you.

Things to Ponder:
How do you know when God is speaking to you?
Who are some Christian friends that can help you “hear God”?
David “sat in the Lord’s presence”. What does that mean? When do you do this?
Pray for discernment in some decision you are facing.

Michael Atkinson

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