The Presence of God

YourPlaceinGodsStory3I experience His Presence. In fact, I have ever since I asked Him into my life during VBS when I was a child. I am confident that there is a God who loves me and all of mankind and that He desires to have a relationship with each of us. That has been proven by His coming to earth, taking on the form of a man (Jesus) and being the sacrificial death for our sins. Therefore we are made righteous before a Holy God. Confessing this truth, acknowledging our sinful nature and declaring that Jesus is our Savior is how we experience Him and the change in life He provides.

This past week, I had a wonderful prayer experience where we felt the “Presence of God” in the room. About 25 pastors gathered for a prayer session for the churches in our area. We prayed for various situations, issues and people. One aspect of our prayer time still stands out as each one of us prayed for the others in the room. We literally formed a prayer chain walking and praying over the next person in line. God was there! He answered prayers and He will continue to do so!

As you look at these passages for Sunday, think about where you encounter God. The Israelites built a tabernacle where God dwelled with them. Later they built a temple. And when Jesus was here, He declared that He would dwell with us. Paul says our bodies become the “temple” of God.  

Just like then, God still protects and guides. In our passage He was the cloud by day and fire by night. Jesus wants to abide with each of us and like the gentlemen that He is, will only do so at our request. We have the choice and free will to invite Him into our lives…or not. We have the choice to follow Him…or not. Choose wisely!

Things to Ponder:
The Israelites built a place for God to dwell. We think in terms of limiting Him by putting Him in a box or on the shelf. Give some thought as to how you may or may not “limit” God’s Presence in your life.
How does God guide you?
Think about a special encounter time you had with God? Can you revisit it? How can you keep having encounter times?
Do you see the progression of revelation of God as He makes Himself known in the Old and New Testaments? Does He still reveal Himself and His love?

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