The 10 Commandments

YourPlaceinGodsStory3I am so thankful for Jesus. The Bible says that He came not to “abolish the law but to fulfill it.” (Matthew 5:17) If getting into Heaven was dependent on our ability to not break the 10 Commandments then none of us would get in. Jesus, in His perfection, became our sacrificial substitute wiping away all our sin and making us righteous before our Heavenly Father. I am so glad!

In studying the Exodus 20 passage (Ten Commandments) for this week’s Sunday Morning Bible Study, I have been thinking a lot about the motivations that lead us to disobey and the ramifications of acting against this holy code of conduct.

The very last commandment about coveting is a little different in that it bores down to this idea of motivation, while the others appear to be sins of action or inaction. Our motivations are exactly what Jesus means when He expounds upon hate and lust saying that these things cause us to act out. It is ridiculous to think since I already thought it…then I should do it.  And we both have heard (and said) that too many times.

Besides looking at the heart of motivation, I think we should see the end results and destruction that occurs when we disobey God. When we dishonor our parents, strife occurs and relationships are damaged. When we steal, we cause someone to do without or to pay more. When we not honor God on His day, we act selfishly, cause others to work for our benefit, and do not recharge our spiritual batteries.

As you prepare for discussion in your class think about the ways you can live out these commands in the Light of Jesus Christ.

Things to Ponder:
Instead of “do not” rephrase the commands into positive statements.
Check your speech about profaning His Name (#3) or even profaning other’s name (#9).
Think about motives behind each command. What are your motives for doing things? Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you regarding your inner thoughts.
How does love the Lord your God, yourself and others summarize the 10 Commandments?

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