God Delivers

YourPlaceinGodsStory3God knows. He hears. And He will respond. Insert here  the things that are troubling you right now and you will gain a practical theology of how God interacts with us.

This is the message that the Bible has for us. For centuries, the writers of the Bible were revealing the character of God. Ultimately the Great I Am was revealed in person as “God became man and dwelt among us” (John 1:14)

As we piece together the grand story revealed in Scripture we find the narrative of God’s deliverance of the Hebrew people from Egypt following the Passover and via the Red Sea victory. These are major themes in the Old Testament that when seen in the “light of Christ” help us understand the nature of God.

He hears our cries is the theme of Exodus 3. God knew the plight of the Hebrew people just like He knows your hurts and concerns. He is always listening to your prayers as you cry out to Him.

Moses told Pharaoh that God wanted Israel, “My firstborn son” (Ex. 4:22) to be released from oppression. Pharaoh was stone hearted and so it take lots of signs and plagues (fast forward to chapter 12) with the horrific night of death prevailed throughout Egypt as the first born died except for those who were “passed over”.  This Passover became the ultimate Jewish remembrance of God’s provision. Once again think of Jesus, the Lord’s Supper, and His deliverance of our sins on the cross.

Our survey concludes this week with the victory at the Red Sea. This story of God’s deliverance in the nick of time is something that non-believers and believers have all heard. God again showed that His power over nature. And if we would realize the power He has in our own lives, we would certainly “be quiet” (Exodus 14:14) and let the Lord fight for us.

I look forward to discussing this further with the group I teach at Sunday Morning Bible Study or with you in person, phone, social media or email.

Things to Ponder:
A pattern of oppression, repentance and deliverance is being established in these verses. Can you see the pattern throughout the Old Testament? How about in your life?
Who or what is oppressing or enslaving you? Do you think God hears your pleas for deliverance. What more can you do to break the bondages?
Moses was afraid to speak out but God empowered him to do so. Ask God to help you to speak out to others about things that are holding them in bondage.

What do these passages tell you about God and His concern for you?


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