God Chooses Us

YourPlaceinGodsStory3I love the stars. I think it is so great to look into the night sky and see planets, stars, and galaxies. Probably the best night vision I ever had was visiting my son Christopher and his wife Tina in Minnesota. We traveled out to a lake house where it seemed like thousands of stars appeared on that dark rural night. Certainly more than what we see in the city at night. In Psalm 147:4, the Bible says that God counts the stars and knows them by name.

You can imagine what Abraham thought when God said that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars (Genesis 15). Even though Abraham and Sarah did not have children, he believed God and “it was credited to him as righteousness.” The faith of Abraham is certainly commendable.

Yet you and I have can have that same faith if we trust God with our lives. In our Sunday Morning Bible Study this week, we are going to talk about how trusting God with is the only and best way to live fully and freely. God made a covenant with Abraham to bless him. God has also made a covenant with you and me so we can have the “abundant life in Christ” if we trust Him completely (John 10:10).

Come Sunday and engage in some interactive discussion about this passage and the promises of God. See how God has worked throughout history and how this is part of the bigger story of God’s covenant with people. He loved Abraham. He loves you and me. And if God knows the stars by name…you can rest assured that He knows all that you are experiencing.

Things to Ponder:
The universe is so large that it takes the sun’s light 7 minutes to reach the earth? How vast do you think God’s love is for you?
What promises has God made to you?
What promises have you made to God?
God answers prayer. For Abraham it took decades. Think about some people who have prayed for you…and you for them. How is God answering those prayers?

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