God Begins the Story

YourPlaceinGodsStory3We begin a new series this summer in Sunday School that will explore how all the stories of the Bible come together into one story…GOD’S STORY. We begin with creation and how perfection changed into rebellion and the covenant solution that God initiated that runs throughout the Bible. Later we will see in GOD’S STORY a loving God who beckoned His people to follow Him. Later this summer we tie it all together as God reveals Himself as Jesus fulfilling prophecy and restoring us into a vibrant relationship with Him.

It all begins with the words “God created”. In this week’s Sunday Morning Bible Study we see how the creation narrative of God creating the universe as well as mankind is foundational for understanding the rest of the Bible. Created in the image of God means that you are loved by Him very much and wants you to be like Him.  In other words, we are created by Him and for Him. That means you and I are people of self-worth and we are treat others the same.

In Genesis 3:15 we get another glimpse of the scarlet thread that runs the length of the Bible. Here we begin seeing the bigger picture of redemption that God has offered to us as this passage prophecies the victory that Jesus will have over sin and evil. Ultimately Genesis 3:15 culminates and is answered by John 3:16!

Most people think of the creation story as a simple explanation of the beginnings of the world. In fact is it is a complex theological account of God and man and how He continues to reach out in love to each of us.

As a believer, we need to understand the theology of the Bible so we can share it accurately with a increasing Biblically illiterate world. I hope you will did deep into these studies and add to the discussions in your groups.

Things to Ponder:
How does it make you feel knowing that God especially created you?
We all have “fallen”. Who or what is an influence in your life that causes you to stray? How can you change that?
Are you causing someone else to fall away from God?
Are you willing to spend the summer thinking through the bigger picture of the Bible? How do you think this will impact your walk with Jesus?


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