Wisdom for Life

antsEvery boy loves ants… and I was no exception. When I was a kid there was this huge tree in our backyard that had millions of black ants. I would watch them come and go, play with them, create barriers for them to get over and just generally do what boys do with ants. They are such industrious little creatures always busy going to and fro.

The wisdom writer of Proverbs uses ants as an illustration of how we are to be self-starters, wise and provide for the future. Ants are not slack when it comes to storing food and building mounds. (Wouldn’t you agree?) But the unwise person, unlike the ant, is warned against being lazy and unproductive possibly resulting in poverty and hunger.

The writer goes on in Proverbs 6 to give a list of things the Lord hates! This list has become famous through the years as it records various evils that men do. Arrogant eyes or haughty pride may result in people hurting others as they look out only for themselves. This self-centered attitude certainly is not wise and “stirs up trouble”.

Trouble occurs as well when we unwisely get involved  with others inappropriately. Relationships need to be kept pure and we are admonished in this passage and throughout the Bible to be careful so as to not compromise our morals or to be reckless in our relationships.

Productive and pure are wise things. As we study this passage in Sunday Morning Bible Study, I pray that the Holy Spirit will give wisdom to all who ask and that His Word may be a light unto our path.

Things to Ponder:
Ants and birds thrive in our area. What can you learn about their Creator through them?
What are you avoiding or procrastinating about? Is that a form of laziness or are you avoiding making some decisions?
How’s your heart?
What or who are you watching? Is it appropriate? Are you being pure?

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