Living in Holiness

HolyGod HolyPeopleThis past week a friend mentioned that his church was seeing families dropping out because of the homosexual issue. More than likely these families view of sexual sin is different than that being taught by the church family. This topic is in our news every day and is now becoming issues even in evangelical churches.

Leviticus 18 & 20 are foundational Scriptures in regard to sexual sin. In these passages God provides a moral compass that enables every society and culture to live as He intended. The boundaries that are listed, while difficult to read, are clear and we know provide for healthy relationships. 

One of the problems of ancient Israel and modern America is the syncretism of religious practices. The people are warned not to follow the practices of the land they came from or the land they were in. Do not bend to other customs, but live by the Word which provides protection from all the hurt and fall-out of perversive behaviors. This includes child sacrifice or giving children away to “Molech” which was detestable to God and is one of the things warned against. We must take a stand against the abuse of children, as well as the enslavement of children for work or sexual purposes all over the world.

This Sunday’s lesson is stark, real and sobering when we think about all that is happening in the world in which we live. As Believers, let’s know what the Bible says and put it into practice in our own lives as well as in our culture.   

Things to Ponder:
God’s love is for all people but He warns us against sins because they ultimately hurt us and others.
How should we treat friends/family that have a different lifestyle?
What can you do to protect the innocent?
Superstitions can creep into our faith. What can you do to rid yourself of these subtle influences?


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