Omission or Commission, Intentional or Unintentional

only-god-is-perfect1“Its not what you did…its what you didn’t do” were the words of my Mother as a kid growing up. Those moms…they know how everything.

God knows everything too. He knows us so well that He knows the motives of our heart, the thoughts we have and the actions we take. Nothing goes by Him. In fact, He loves us so much in that “while we yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8. This week in Sunday Morning Bible Study we examine Leviticus 5 & 6 which give great insight into our lives. These passages are even foundational to the concept of holiness, sin and forgiveness.

As we peel back the onion or our sinful actions, we see that they are sins of commission, sins of omission and that they can be intentional or unintentional. Have you ever said something and later on realized you offended someone? However unintentional, you may have damaged a relationship. Or perhaps you forgot to do something, and it resulted in a sinful outcome; that might have been a sin of omission. We all know what sins of commission are as they are willful decisions to act in a way that is hurtful or neglectful.

Our sin must be accounted for and as I mentioned above, Jesus Christ took our sins upon Himself on the cross. But that does not give us a free ticket to sin without consequence. Zacchaeus, in Luke 19 is a perfect example of someone who cheated others but when he encounters Jesus, he admits his sin and is freed from his guilt. In addition Zacchaeus follows the law of restitution and gives back what he stole plus more to those he had sinned against.

This Sunday in our groups, we are going to see clearly that we serve a Holy God who loves us in spite of our sins and wants us to “go and sin no more”…Jesus

Things to Ponder:
Ask the Lord to bring to surface your sins of omission.
Now that you know…what will you do?
Do you need to make restitution for an offense?
What are you going to do about those who have sinned against you?
What is your measuring stick for sin? Others? Your conscience? The Bible?
Are you sinning by trying to live your life independently and not under the authority of Christ?

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