An Invitation From A Holy God

HolyGod HolyPeopleWhen I think of “saints” Ms Berniece comes to mind. Her humbleness and servant attitude as she cares for the children is exemplary. In my estimation she is a saint. In our Sunday Morning Bible Study this week we begin a new series called “Holy God, Holy People”. I know these lessons will speak to our hearts

The idea of being “set apart” or holy is introduced to the nation of Israel in Exodus 19. This theme carries through the entire Bible as Christians too, are a “holy nation, a royal priesthood” 1 Peter 2:9. God is calling those who follow Him to be totally committed to Him as Lord and to live righteously.

The Scripture indicates that all Christians are saints. Paul addressed the saints (hagios in Greek) in Ephesus referring to those in the church. Saints are alive and well…and the Bible indicates that all believers are in this category. So then how do we live as God’s “treasured people”? How do we serve Him as a “kingdom of priests”?

The answer is found in Scripture and our passage this week is a good starting point. First we realize that God is Holy. When we understand His holiness is far beyond ours, then we begin realizing that our service and relationship to Him is not just lip service… but life service. Second we see that God sets boundaries in Exodus 19 to protect us and gives us instructions as well. These boundaries are for our benefit. Third, we must follow His instructions.  God told Moses to have the people to approach Him with clean clothes and with respect. As we read through the Bible, we see later that Jesus cleanses our hearts as well. Our inner person becomes holy because of the abiding Holy Spirit. And for this to happen, we have to be willing. After all, it is about us realizing that God is God…and we are not.

Things to Ponder:
Who do you think is a saint?
Are you holy? How do you know?
Are there areas of your life that need to be cleansed?
What boundaries has God helped to put in your life? Do you respect those boundaries? 

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