Rules or Relationships

hands around globeIs it about following the rules of religion or is it about rules of relationships? These were the questions that Jesus and the lawyer were asking one another in this well referred to dialogue and parable we know as the Good Samaritan!

This weekend is Mini-World Changers and our youth are leading our church to help our neighbors with home repairs and yard work. Hundreds of volunteers are gathering to serve neighbors in the Name of Jesus. Lives will be changed as each nail is driven, each board is painted, each pile of debris is removed. I believe we are answering the questions with both words and actions.

The lawyer’s basis for asking Jesus was to (1) trick Jesus (2) clarify the law and (3) justify his behavior.  Jesus again helps him (and us) to recognize that following Him is not religious activity but rather spiritual behavior resulting in right relationships.

The love of Jesus takes each of us beyond our comfort zones sometimes. Let’s open our hearts and our hands as we seek to live out our faith in radical ways. Make an effort to reach out to your neighbor this weekend. And may your speech and your actions reflect spiritual truth!

Things to Ponder:
Do pre-formed ideas about people limit your responses to them?
Recall a time when a barrier between you and another was bridged.
How would you describe the connection between rules and relationships?
Who is your neighbor? questions-jesus-ask (1)

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