Growing in Godliness

Growing in GodlinessThis past week I had conversations with two church members who have just started an exercise routine. They both are seeing results in both muscle tone and weight loss. Diet and exercise are a great combination to keeping our bodies healthy. I would also add good family relationships and routine sleep patterns.

Paul in his trustworthy sayings to both Timothy and Titus tells them (and us) to “train yourself in godliness”. I could not agree more. Our spiritual health is paramount to our physical and emotional well-being. In many ways they all inter-relate.

It is interesting that our training in godliness comes about when we submit to the Holy Spirit in our lives. He then removes our selfish ambition, our self-righteousness, and replaces it with His vision and righteousness. We know it…and others do too. It is kinda like we don’t work at being godly…we allow God to work in us and the results is that our character, speech, actions, responses and motivations shift. The Holy Spirit is evident in our lives.

Consistent Bible study and prayer individually and with groups (church) are ways we can become more like the Savior and more like He created us to be.

Things to Ponder:
Who are some godly people you know? How did they get that way?
Why is Bible study a foundational piece of being godly?
Titus 3:6 says “He poured out this Spirit on us abundantly”. How are you experiencing His Spirit on an on-going basis?
How can you tell the difference between His Spirit and yours?

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