The Character of Leadership

trust on rockI am proud of our deacons at SBC. We have a great group of men who love Jesus and have servant hearts. At each meeting our 36 deacons give reports on the contacts and service they have done over the month. We hear outstanding numbers and it blesses my heart knowing that these teams are serving our people in sickness and grief as well as being part of our initial outreach by taking cookie jars to guests in worship.
I am proud of our search committee as well. They have been working tirelessly, often hours per day seeking the will of God. They have gathered information from the church and are now pouring over resumes asking God to reveal who He desires to be our senior pastor.
I am proud of you. You are allowing God to continue to prepare your heart and attitude as we study this week the character traits that Paul recommends in 1 Timothy 3 for “overseers”, “elders”, “pastors”, “deacons”; virtually anyone who goes by any of these nomenclatures that describes offices/positions in the church. This coming Sunday our adult Sunday School will be focused on this topic which is so timely for our church as we study the five trustworthy sayings in Timothy.
May I say here, that I am proud to have been serving, working, and shepherding along side you for these years. My heart’s desire is to see people discipled through the Word, equipped and trained to serve, so that all may come to know Jesus. Let’s continue church to fix our eyes on Jesus, abide with Him daily, and express His love to everyone we encounter.
Things to Ponder:
Around 1930’s-40’s the role of deacons in Baptist churches assumed the model of business becoming a board of directors. The shift back to Biblical principles of being service focused has occurred in almost all larger and progressive churches. In what ways do you think returning to a Scriptural model has made churches healthier?…more focused on people? more focused on the mission or the church?
Will you encourage/pray for our deacons, our search committee and our pastors?


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