The Word is Trustworthy

There are several guys in our church who often give me a Bible study or sermon they are preparing to look over. Their work is always solid and true to the Bible. Most often they cross reference other Scriptures to support the message they are conveying. They let the Bible, God’s Holy Word, speak for itself. It is such a blessing to know that we have men/women in our church who are theologically sound and want to share the message of salvation through on rock
 Paul also had confidence with Timothy who was pastoring in Ephesus. Paul trusted Timothy to “correctly handle the Word” in a city and culture where “fruitless discussion” and “speculation” was prominent. In fact some had left the Word, and the church, causing Paul to say that they had been shipwrecked and were now being used by Satan to confuse and blaspheme. Wandering from the teachings of the Word plagues our society and our churches. Paul would have a stern warning for some of the teachings taught today.
It is at this point that Paul shares his first “trustworthy saying” which is “Christ came into the world to save sinners”. Jesus came to “seek and to save the lost.” And that is also our mission. A young teen was observing in our office this week the work of her relative. After completing a task I mentioned to her that everything we do is to help people get to Heaven. Every copy, publication, data entry, ministry roll, event, service etc is for one purpose only–to connect people to grow in Christ. I hope that all of your work is “as unto the Lord” as well for we all have the responsibility and opportunity to share Jesus!
I pray you will attend this Sunday as we begin this new series in Timothy and that the trustworthy sayings of the Word will fill your heart and life!
Things to Ponder: 
What is your source of Truth? Why is the Bible the best authority for the Christian walk?
How do you avoid, stop, or get through “vain jangling” (KJV for fruitless discussion).
How can you weave into your conversations/actions that trustworthy saying that Christ saves sinners like you and me?
Who do you know that is “shipwrecked” in their faith and how can you pray for them effectively? 
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