Major Message

Minor Prophets with a Major Message…Great Series

This past month’s overview of the Minor Prophets in our Sunday Morning Bible Study seems like it was right out of current news. A teacher commented to me how powerful and relevant the lessons were to her young adult group. Rightly so!

inauguration2013_headlineAs I watched the Inauguration replays this week I thought of how much our nation has fallen like Israel. Making sinful behavior a civil right and having a marching band representing  the cause was extremely disheartening, especially in light of the generation of aborted infants who had no rights.

The prophets of the Bible are crystal clear. We must return to God or “prepare to meet your God”. Haggai was concerned about the people forgetting God and putting themselves and their needs first.

Haggai’s specific prophecy dealt with the people of God neglecting the temple. The people thought more about their own well-being than the things of God. A timeless message and reminder to us all  God does not bless His people when we give him lip service, when we withhold our love, money or witness. His Supremacy should affect every aspect of our lives. Does it?

Things to Ponder:
Are you more concerned about your things or God’s things?
How does your lifestyle reflect your love for God?
How can we improve our facilites so that God is honored?
Pray for our property committee as they meet to talk about future improvements and needs.

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