God Hates it When Just Idlely BY

social justiceAcross our nation this weekend awareness is heightened by both the Sanctity of Life emphasis as well as recognizing the birth of  Rev. Martin Luther King. Abortions, human slavery, euthanasia as well as civil rights are all being talked about in political, religious and social circles. This conversation is constant around God’s Heavenly throne as His heart breaks for the injustice that humans cause to one another.

Obadiah, the shortest book in the Old Testament, show us God’s broken heart, mercy, and judgment as this prophet warns the people. While most of the other prophets warned Israel and Judah, Obadiah’s message is toward the Edomites. They lived south of Judah and had front row seats to the plight of their “brothers” as they were being slaughtered or taken into captivity. The Edomites sat in their homes in the hills with an “eagles” view of the destruction and depravity that was occurring.

Obadiah, in his short discourse, prophecies about Edom’s indifference. He deplores how they “gloat over your brother’s calamity” and even “rejoice.” In addition Obadiah prophecies against them for the part they played in actually handing over their Judeans at the border to the enemy as slaves.

God hates injustice. He will not tolerate it. Eventually those who are evil by action or inaction will realize His righteous judgement.

As we gather for Sunday Morning Bible Study, let’s resolve as individuals and as groups, to speak out, to take action, to be an advocate, to do something to help the weak, the hurting, the hungry, the abused, and the unbelieving!

Things to Ponder:
This past week some were indicated in slavery trafficking. How can we stop this?
Hunger and medical needs around the world have been reduced by almost 50% in the last 20 years. Many think by 2020 hunger and pure water will be available for all. How can you be part of this and help to end hunger.
Domestic/child abuse is rampant. What can we do to help stop it?
As Believers, let’s not sit idlely by, but instead be agents of life change through Jesus Christ.

*Community Missions Home Repair Sat. Jan 19, 7:30 a.m. roof project
*Katie’s Krops/SBC Dinner for Community Thur. Jan 24, 6:00 p.m.

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