Asking God Why

asking-questionsWhy? Why? Why?… is the first question we ask when a crisis occurs in our life that we cannot wrap our head around or our hearts. Through the years I have sat and prayed with people who were asking God this very question in regards to the tragedy they were experiencing. I, too, have asked God “why” as well.

Habakkuk, like Job and us, asked God “why”, was He not concerned about all that was happening. While Job was concerned about his personal crisis, Habakkuk a 7th century prophet was asking God where He was when there was so much injustice, violence and perversion of justice going on in the nation of Judah. After all, they were His chosen people, they sacrificed at the temple in Jerusalem and certainly they were so much better than other people!

The book of Habakkuk is a dialogue between this prophet and God. Habakkuk asks the questions of God and then waits on his response. I especially like Habakkuk 2:1 where the prophet is waiting on God to break his silence. Habakkuk uses phraseology of standing along the watchtower at his guard post waiting on God. And of course God answers his prayers…and ours too…in His time!

God’s message to Habakkuk was that disaster was coming. Be prepared. Habakkuk recognizing the power of God and His sovereignty says in 3:18, “I will triumph in the Lord; I will rejoice in the God of my salvation.”  Like Habakkuk, we should ask God questions…just be prepared for His answer.

Things to Ponder:
What do you want to ask God?
How would you distinguish between questioning God and asking God questions?
Is your prayer life like a conversation with God, or like a child asking a parent, or like a manager telling someone what to do?
How can you be more effective in speaking out about injustice, social ills, hunger, slavery, violence, religious hypocrisy etc.?

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