Personal Space– Immanuel

Evan and Gramp 2012Even though Evan got some great toys, games and books, this past Christmas, he wanted  to play tag in the back yard. So we chased each other laughing, running, “juking” so as to not get caught. After a awhile I began grabbing Evan up and squeezing him tightly against me. I would pick him up and squeeze and he would just squeal with delight. We shared some good Grampa and grandson moments as we hugged and wrestled.

Personal space is important to us all. We don’t like folks who get soooo close when they talk that we find ourselves backing up. Those in our office are not fond of people (even me) hovering over their desk while they work on a project. We give polite handshakes or side hugs (always more appropriate) to friends and acquaintances.

Come to think of it, we sometimes  keep God at a distance too. We think of Him as being far off somewhere and impersonal. And yet that is exactly opposite of who He really is. The birth of God into the world as a baby is an excellent example of the close relationship He wants to have with us.  He wants us to reach out and hug Him just like He is reaching out to each of us to embrace us in His love.

Babies’ (and grandson’s playing tag) personal space… is well…very close. Even snuggley! God came as Immanuel, “God with us”, to help us understand that He is a personal Savior who wants space in our hearts and lives. After all He is preparing a personal space for us with Him in eternity!

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