Immanuel Christmas 2012

Throughout this Christmas season, I spoke several times and  it seemed like I always came back to the theme of  Immanuel…God with us.  The idea that He is ever-present with us resonates throughout His message to us. Psalm 23 speaks of His presence along with us throughout every aspect of our life. Even in the New Testament  where He says “I am with you always” speaks of His closeness with us.

“Us with God” also speaks to my soul, as I think about my connection with Him. I have to make the time to read the Word, talk with Him and serve Him. I have to be aware of His presence and not just take it for granted.

And then there is “with”…the connecting word that bridges God to Us. He is with us…never leaving, never departing…always thinking about us and loving us.

GOD with us….US with God…God WITH us.  Three little words that changed my life and millions of others. Immanuel

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