A Memorable Christmas Party

The moment we walked into the door, we knew the event was going to be “event-filled”. Wall to wall kids under 5 is the best way to describe it. Vans and SUV’s filled the drive and the street. Hundreds of pairs of shoes were at the door. I hardly got a glance of the shoes when my eyes cut to the the children on the floor over here and then there were more over there. And then there were the ones in the arms of their parents. And oh yes, there were even more, some a little older, out in the back yard.

Christmas is about kids. Jesus came as a child. And sometimes we all act or feel childish. That is okay. As we watched the kids play, we adults enjoyed our conversations about various things…but mostly about the kids.

Over the years I have been to my share of Christmas parties. And yet I think I will always remember this one because of the number of young parents starting off in life with some of the most beautiful children anywhere. These children will grow quickly into people who will love their parents and I hope Jesus.

Each week, we have opportunity to talk with these parents  about Life and how by following Jesus our lives can be on track. Always responsive participants we see both spiritual growth in these adults not to mention marriages and other relationships growing closer as they put into practice what they are learning through the WORD.

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