Immanuel–God with us

“God with us” is the actual meaning of the name Immanuel. Over 700 years before the Incarnation, Isaiah prophesied that the Messiah would come. That event happened as God came to earth. Deity wrapped in humanity.

In our Sunday Morning Bible Study, we refer both to the Isaiah passage and to Matthew 1 where we discover the name Immanuel. “The Word became Flesh and dwelt among us” is how the gospel writer John describes this profound truth…and mystery. It is so incredible that Almighty God “emptied Himself” (Phil.2) and became human. Because He did, we can feel assured that He knows everything you feel and experience. However it is very clear that Jesus was without sin.

As I think about God being “with us”, I think about how close He really can be. Let me illustrate by talking about personal space. We all know that person who gets too close when he/she is talking or perhaps hovers near our desk. Most of our contact with people is via a handshake and only rarely a hug and that is with people we know well.

But think about this. When you hold a baby you do it tightly. You embrace the baby with both arms and snuggle her/him close. I know I sure did with my own children and now my grands.

Think about embracing God like that. Holding him so close (and vice-versa) that you are personal and intimate. This is “God with us” at its truest sense. Jesus draws us close to Him and He is always with us…even unto the end of the age!

Things to Ponder:
How close are you to Jesus? How can you stay close…or get close?God is with us all the time as believers. Remember any special times though?
Who are you going to be close to this Christmas? Are there some people you need to draw closer to? To be with?
Daily prayer/Bible study keeps us close. Be persistent until you are consistent.

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