Jesus Our Righteousness

A few weeks ago at MacDougall Correctional we were helping inmates choose toys to send to their children for Christmas. As I greeted the inmates  and asked how they were, I would hear “I’m straight”, meaning that were doing good. In our study on Righteousness this week, we discover that this word is defined as straight as well. Undoubtedly, some of these imprisoned dads were straight or righteous, and some were not. Certainly they have not always been…and neither have you and I.

In our Sunday Morning Bible Study (10:15 am), we read how the prophet Jeremiah (chap. 23) declares that the Righteous Branch of David is coming. Later in Romans 3 and 10 we see how Paul states that this is Jesus!

Romans 3 is clear that we cannot become righteous on our own through obedience, works, or anything. In all of our lives, there is room for improvement. No one ever has been perfect except for the Incarnate One, Jesus Christ.  And since He was deity wrapped in humanity, the Bible says He lived a perfect life, without sin. That was necessary so that He would be the perfect, and without blemish Savior of the world.

Knowing  that God exists intellectually is only one part of acknowledging Him. Many will say they believe based on knowledge. Romans 10 says that we must“believe in our heart and confess Him with our mouth”. When one believes with the heart then they truly experience Jesus coming into their lives. It is not just ahead knowledge but a heart knowledge resulting in lifestyle of sharing Jesus.

If you cannot unequivocally say that you know Jesus abides within you, then you may just have a head knowledge, an intellectual knowledge of God. Pray now and give your heart/life to Jesus asking Him to come into your life, forgive you of the sin of unbelief and tell him you want to live for and with Him.  “Everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans 10:13

Things to Ponder:
Are you straight?
Ask Jesus to show you any area of our life that is unrighteous and allow Him to forgive and empower you to live righteously.
Confession is agreeing with God about things in your life.
How is your life being transformed in light of these passages?
Mark Romans 10:9-13 in your Bible and share it with someone this week.

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