God Our Loving Father

Love is something we all receive…and give. We may express it through various “love languages” such as words, acts of service, gifts,time spent or touch. A question that is good to ask others (and ourselves) is “how is your love tank”. Is it full or empty or somewhere in-between?

In Sunday Morning Bible Study (10:15 a.m.) we continue our focus on the Names of God in Psalm 103 as we see the Father’s undeserved, unequaled, and unceasing love. His love is undeserved but yet He gives it to us freely through forgiveness which rescues us from a life of self-inflicted suffering and misery. Psalm 103:4 says that the Father actually “crowns us with faithful love and compassion.”

The pslamist goes on to speak of God’s graciousness as He deals with us in very special ways. You see, God wants what is best for us. He wants you and me to experience His love and grace.

Perhaps the most famous passage of Psalm 102 is verse 12 which says that God removes our sin “as far as the east is from the west.” He dosn’t forget our sins but rather chooses not to remember them or hold them against us because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and our faith in Him.

On a very personal note, I used this pslam as I preached my brother’s funeral back in October. The grace of God overflowed at the service just as I believe it overflowed for my brother when He met the Savior. God’s faithful love is compassionate and His grace is unmatched.

Read this psalm several times over as you prepare to attend this Sunday. It is rich in imagery and sound theology about the love of God, something we need to experience and express to others!

Things to Ponder:

What “benefits” (verse 2) are you experiencing by knowing the Father?
Verse 5 is translated in KJV with the imagery of one receiving food after being ill and how good it tastes as one’s stength is regained. Ponder how good God’s love is to you for a few moments.
Since God chooses not remember our sins…why should we? Make a spiritual and conscience choice not to dwell on your own sins or that of someone else.
Do you think that will impact your self-esteem, your relationships, your world view?

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