My Mom: I Remember

Nine years ago this evening (Dec. 1) I got a phone call from Sherry saying my mother had passed. I remember the call vividly. I had flown to  Nashville that Monday to attend a Lifeway consultant meeting. I got back to my hotel room and saw I had a message. My first words when I returned Sherry’s call was “praise God”. I was glad that she had died quickly, not suffered (like my dad) and was in Heaven.

I tend to commemorate days like this. And of course since it was my mom…Dec 1 stands out. She too was at a meeting that day that she was actually leading…or at least starting to. She got a cup of coffee, sat down in a chair and passed away. That meeting took a different turn that night for sure.

My mom was an executive administrative assistant. . A salesperson who knew her told me she could be typing a letter, talking to someone on the phone and be talking to someone in her office. And she would be getting it all right! Indeed she was a multi-tasker. I think I get a lot of that from her.

While my mom was not all the time the emotional nurturing mother…she was someone who encouraged me (and others) always talking about getting your education and moving forward in life. In fact she followed her own advice and returned to college after retiring. She made straight A’s. I encourage her to run for homecoming queen. I think she would have made it.

I learned a lot from my mother and because of her as well. Thank you God for my godly mother who sacrificed for her 3 sons and made an impact on our lives and those of others as well.


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