The Power of His Name

Your name is important! It identifies you uniquely. The same is true of God. We come to know Him by His Name. This month in Adult Bible Study we are examining the Scriptures for the different names of God, which also define His character. When we call upon God, He reveals Himself in various ways and we come to know Him.
God is  faithful; He is our Father; He is our Righteousness; Jesus is our Immanuel and our Shepherd. This is just a sampling of how God reveals Himself, but it will provide a fresh insight as we celebrate the Incarnation of God this Christmas season.

This week we look at Exodus 6 and 15. God declares to Moses that His Name is Yahweh meaning “I Am that I Am.” In essence God is declaring that He was, He is, and that He will be. He is God over the past, present and future.  He not only uses the “I Am” to identify Himself but also to show His character and relationship.

Upon further study of these passages we see various attributes of God as He revealed Himself to the Israelites. I know you will engage in good discussions with others in Sunday Morning Bible Study as you look at the historical context but then quickly move into how God reveals Himself to you and me. There is a lot to learn and experience as we call upon the Name of the Lord!

Things to Ponder:
What do you call God? How have you experienced Him?
When you say the name “Jesus” does God seem more personal to you? Why?
Exodus 15:2 says He is my “father’s God”. What are the implications of that as a parent?
Make a list of the names you know God as such as…Provider, Savior, Friend….

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  1. Good one, thanks Michael.


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