Engage in Discipleship

In recent weeks, Pastor Ron has been reminding us of our main task…to make disciples. He has preached it, he has taught it and I believe he has lived it.
A disciple is someone who is abiding in Christ daily, living in His Word, praying in faith based on the Word, nurturing other believers and witnessing to the world. These disciplines are foundational to being not just a “follower ” of Jesus, but a “disciple” of Jesus. At SBC there have been hundreds of people discipled over the years by various people and through various means. At one time every one of our adult Sunday School teachers had been through MasterLife which is a great discipiling tool. They in turn teach for discipleship in our Sunday School and LifeGroups. It is a wonderful expereience to see lives changed in and through the various ministries, classes, and personal interaction that occurs at SBC.
In this week’s Sunday Morning Bible Study we see Barnabas and Saul being chosen, teaching the Word, and going from city to city discipling people. The Christian movement spread because of their faithfulness in teaching for discipleship!
I like how in Acts 13 it refers to Barnabas and Paul. But by Acts 15 we read about Paul and Barnabas. The names are reordered to show that now Paul was ready to launch out on his own. And as he did that many people in various cities came to know Jesus.
Come to Sunday School this week (and every week) and be involved in a disciple making process. Your life can be so much more as you fall more in love with Jesus and do life together with other believers. We at SBC have a rich heritage of “making disciples” that transcends the generations. God is at work…let’s join Him.
Things to Ponder:
Earlier in this post I shared some disciplines of discipleship. How are you doing in these areas?
Who is discipling you? Who are you discipling?
Michael Catt pastor of Sherwood church (Fireproof, Courageous) said this week that our churches were filled with carnal/worldly Christians living our faith based on our preferences. True or not? True for you or not? True for SBC or not?
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