Doing Life Together as Believers

Over this election cycle we have seen our country divide as people campaigned for the candidate or party of their choice. We were divided but unlike many other countries where rioting, bloodshed, and division occur, we will come together  because we are The United States of America.

The early Christians were unified and were of “one heart and mind”. In our study this week in Acts 4-6, we get a first hand look at what this means. The “one heart and mind” quote is what is called a merism meaning it is two words joined together to form a single idea. That is exactly what God is calling we Christians to do…be united.
The early church worked together to make sure needs were met especially for everyone. In Acts 4 we find the church giving generously so that all would be cared for properly. Barnabas is introduced as being very generous and living up to his name of “encourager”.
On the other hand in Acts 5, Ananias and Sapphira lied and stole from the church resulting in their sudden death brought on by the overwhelming distress of shame and deceit. Certainly a wake up call for all who cheat the Lord with lying tongues and stingy gifts.

Showing care for one another, especially those who need an advocate, was a trademark of the early church. Deacons served the congregation expressing their faith in Jesus by busying themselves with caring for people.

Doing life together as God intended is our focus this Sunday. I hope that you realize that your Bible Study group can be a great resource of friendship, wise counsel, and will stand beside you in your times of need.

Things to Ponder:

If you were in a crisis, who would you call in your Bible Study group?
Are you a Barnabas or a Ananias/Sapphira when it comes to being truthful with your giving?
How would you describe the Biblical role of deacon?
Who can you help this week? Who can you do life with?
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