Dependent on God with our Prayers

Every morning Sherry and I pray through the day. We pray for our family, the church, our witness, and a myriad of other things that may be pertinent to the day. In recent months, even our puppy will sit in my lap as we pray. We all know the importance of making the time to get up early and spend time with God. We pray with dependency.

In our passage this week, we continue the story of Peter and John in Acts 4 picking up the story after they had been arrested for preaching. They returned to the church and after reporting their encounter with the Jewish officials began praying. Acknowledging God’s supremacy was their first priority followed by praying Scripture and then asking God to intervene. They prayed for the boldness to continue speaking the Name of Jesus. The Bible says the place was shaken which I think meant literally moving. I believe also the people were shaken by the prayers to Almighty God.
Transforming our lives is what our focus is the next four weeks in November in Sunday School. Pastor Ron will be complementing the lessons with his sermons as well. So often we take for granted our walk with Jesus or we tend to limit His role in our lives. Let me encourage you to study these passages in Acts using your member’s books and Bibles and see if God will change or transform your life. We cannot stay where we are and go with God. Let’s let Him work in our lives and in our church!

 Things to Ponder:

Prayers are for the external, the internal and the eternal.
How would you rate your communication with God.
If you are not praying to start your day, please try it for a week and see if your life changes. Try getting up 15 minutes earlier or readjusting your morning schedule.
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