From Failure to Action

I distinctly remember as a teen talking to a Bible study leader about my failures. He wisely reminded me of Peter stating that his life was not perfect…just forgiven.
In our Sunday Morning Bible Study this week, we have one more lesson on “do-overs”. Aren’t you glad that God gives us second chances….and thirds.  I am so glad that we are not defined by our past…but are defined by our future with Him in Heaven.
Peter was one of the closest followers of Jesus and yet he was inconsistent as evidenced by the denial passages. You know the story. Peter was asked three times if he was a follower of Jesus and Peter remarked that he was not.
We have all denied Jesus at some point and yet He still loves us. The passage in John 21 where the Risen Christ affirms and restores  Peter by asking him to feed, love and shepherd His sheep is a strong reminder of Jesus’ forgiveness.
Uneducated and untrained are the descriptors in Acts 4 of Peter and John by the Jewish leaders. Yet passionately and accurately these men proclaimed their faith in Jesus. They were now defined by their bold faith and they were ready to share the forgiveness that Jesus offers.
Peter is a great example of a person who loved Jesus and was developing in his understanding, following and witnessing about him. Please read this week’s passages so you will be ready to discuss with your group how Christ is changing you.

Things to Ponder:

What are ways people deny Jesus today?
How do you feel knowing that Jesus loves you in spite of past mistakes?
How is Jesus using you to spread His message this week?
Are you defined by your past or are your letting your future define you?
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