From Praise to Complaining to Contentment

What is the difference between questioning God and asking God questions?
This week’s Sunday Morning Bible Study addresses this through the life of Miriam, Moses’s sister. In Exodus 15 we find her leading the women in praises to God and then in Numbers 12 we see Miriam questioning God and criticizing those whom God was using to lead the people, even Moses himself.
Like Moses, Miriam was a leader of the Israelites with the Bible referring to her as a prophetess. Unlike Moses, God did not speak to her face to face but through His Presence in a cloud or through visions. Miriam’s leadership was dissipated by Moses appointing 70 elders to help govern the people. This change caused her to be jealous and critical of Moses intentions and was expressed by her attack on his wife. As is so often the case the real issue was rooted in the loss of power and control but was expressed by criticism of Zipporah, Moses’ wife.
So on one  hand you have conflict between relatives but the deeper issue is Miriam questioning Moses’ leadership as ordained by God. In essence she was questioning God! As a result of her insubordination to God (and Moses) her internal sinful turmoil manifested itself externally as an awful skin disease.
We need to ask God questions. He will help us understand through the Word and Holy Spirit.  Conversely if we question God, His authority, His supremacy, or who He is, we risk offending Him by thinking that we are making ourselves on equal footing.  Think about your approach to God as you deal with life issues. Are you challenging the God of the Universe or are you seeking answers from the One who knows all truth?

Things to Ponder:

Do you see the difference in questioning God and asking God questions?
Moses was a humble man. Would that describe your approach to God?
Miriam was isolated from others for a week. Where do you go to be alone to think things through?
Ask God to help you to see the motives beneath your actions. It may help you to address the real issue and keep you from damaging relationships.
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