Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt

Every now and then we need a “do-over”. This is true with decisions, conversations, sports, and even relationships. Do you realize that almost every story in the Bible is about doing something over and getting it right. Throughout October we are studying the “bios” of several people in the Bible to see how they were allowed second chances by Christ Jesus.
This week our focus turns to Abraham and Sarah who in our text of Genesis 15-17 were yet to have children. In this passage God promises Abraham that his descendants will cover the earth and will occupy the land we know as Palestine or Israel. That promise has come true but took some turns along the way.
Abraham and Sarah took matters into their own hands “helping” God to fulfill His promise. They felt like they knew what was best…what God needed…and they selfishly sought to make God’s will happen. The results were adultery, broken relationships, abuse, favoritism, compromise of values and the list goes on. How was this part of God’s plan? It wasn’t.
Let God be God. When He speaks to us in prayer or instructs us through His Word about His purposes…let Him do it. We don’t have to fix everything or plan it all. He knows what is best…not us. After all He is God and we are but humans.
In balance, we are to follow His leading and that comes best as we abide with Him. We should never attempt to do things for the Kingdom unless we are in daily constant contact with Him. He knows what is best for His church..and for you and me. Trust and obey.

Things to Ponder:

Is there a pattern in your life of circumventing the plans of God? Of taking matters into your own hands?
Do you find it hard to wait upon the Lord?
In recent days has God given you a second chance to know and experience Him?
Does the end justify the means in Kingdom matters?
Can you trust God to care for you and your family?
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