Kingdom Decisions

We have choices; which foods to eat, which channels to watch, which candidate to choose. Jesus, in the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 7), also give options as to how we will respond to Him. As Jesus concludes the sermon, he gives several visual illustrations about the choices we have in life and the results of those choices.
There are the choices of the two gates, the two fruits and the two foundations. Beginning with the gates, Jesus illustrates that we choose our path based on the gates. One gate is wide and we drift along in life towards a destructive path. The other gate is narrow but it directs your path to abundant life.
We bear good fruit, Jesus says, if we are true followers as opposed to those who pretend to be a Christ-follower who only produce rotten fruit. They deceive people according to this passage as well. They call out the name of the Lord, but they don’t really know Him…they are just pretending.
The other common illustration that Jesus shares is about building our lives on a rock solid foundation and not a sandy one. Are we stabilized in our faith or will we cave in when the storms of life come?
As we conclude our in-depth study of the Sermon on the Mount, I hope that we will respond to Jesus like the crowd did. They saw Him as having a fresh teaching filled with authority. Jesus will only be the authority in your life if you choose for Him to be. It is your option!


Things to Ponder:

Is it hard for you to live the Christian life? If so, why? Do some reflection about whether you are “trying to hard” to do it yourself or are you resting and relying on Jesus? Be sure to ask Christ to live in and through you each day.
Storms of life come to all of us. It is our foundation that makes a difference. Give thanks to God for Him seeing you through some past storms. Ask Him to help you get through current ones and/or how you can prepare spiritually for the next one.
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