Kingdom Relationships

Some say the most quoted verse in the Bible is no longer John 3:16 but  Matthew 7:1, “Do not judge”. Almost everyone, believer or not, will use this verse to defend their behavior. It is also the most misunderstood verse of our time as well and is just one among many that we will discuss at Sunday Morning Bible Study at 10:15.

Jesus warns us in this verse not to have a judgmental attitude or be hypercritical towards someone. Usually judgmental people assassinate other’s character with words of condemnation. To the contrary, Believers must distinguish between evil and good; we have to understand when someone is misaligned with their beliefs or actions. Jesus, and then later Paul, both speak to the issue of righting wrongs, or overcoming evil or admonishing those who are drifting.


While this passage is a study in itself, we continue to cover more of Matthew 7. We discover that Jesus speaks out toward the self-righteous by calling them hypocrites. Notably, He is the only one in the Bible to use this word.  Jesus instructs us do more self-examining and less accusing.


Further along in the passage we find Jesus saying to “keep asking, seeking and knocking”. In other words, keep pursuing the things of God. As we align ourselves with the Word we will come to understand His will and our prayers will find answers for life’s questions.


I hope you will be in attendance this Sunday so that you may benefit from the study of the Word with others, as we do life together!

Things to Ponder:

We all have pre-judged others and been judged! How did that work out for you?
The littlest piece of dirt can irritate our eye. Jesus reminds us to remove the “log” from our eye. If Jesus gave you 20/20 vision…what would you see? Who would you see?
What are you persistent about in your prayer life? Also, for whom are you praying?
How can you treat others like Jesus would treat them (Golden Rule)?
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