Kingdom Expectations

Jesus brings “new life” to us. It is evident now and it was evident when He was teaching on the mountainside. He said to his disciples, “You have heard it said” referring to the current mind-sets, but then He continued by saying, “But I tell you.” When Jesus said this, he was infusing a whole new view on things based on love, mercy, justice, dignity and grace!

In this week’s Sunday Morning Bible Study at 10:15 we continue with Matthew 5 looking at the 6 things that Jesus breathed new life and thought into. The people of that day were caught up in rules and were missing the true meaning of the commandments. They had left “heart” out of the law. Jesus reminded them and us that it is the inner motives of humans that are really at play and the outward actions only exemplify what goes on inside each of us.


For example, when we hate someone so much that we want to murder them but only kill them with out words, then we have sinned. When we use people as objects of our lust or when we reject our marital relations for convenience we are missing the mark.


Jesus teachings on the sermon brings dignity to all parties. His insights on handling insults and maintaining your self-worth resonate with His desire to see all people treated with respect. Resolving conflict not with retribution but with understanding and love creates a harmony within oneself and in all of our relationships.

Can we live as Jesus describes? Did the Pharisees? Jesus reminds us that only God is perfect. It is the Holy Spirit that helps us to be mature in our walk, our relationships and in our love for others.

Things to Ponder:

Our motives are known to us and God. What does He say about yours?
What steps do you need to take to be reconciled with someone?
How can you maintain your dignity and self-respect? How can you treat others with dignity?
What things have you heard…and how does that compare with what Jesus says?
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