Kingdom Attitudes

What changes has Jesus made in your life? How do you know if someone is a Believer and abiding in Christ?  Seems like we, as well as the world, are asking these questions of Christians. You and I have both heard comments like “she does not act like a Christian” or “I know he goes to church but it doesn’t seem to help.” Sometimes we have made those comments and other times…well they may have been about us!


We know when the Bible speaks about being “perfect” it means “mature”. Jesus in his most famous discourse, the Sermon on the Mount, is telling his disciples what it means to be a Christ-follower. In other words those who are allowing God to work in their lives will experience certain inward characteristics resulting in outward behavior.


Ironically, we think of the setting of the Sermon on the Mount as Jesus speaking to the masses. But a closer look at Matthew 5:1-2 reveals that Jesus had left the crowds and was talking strictly to his disciples. But by the end of chapter 7 the crowds had gathered around Him and the disciples.


The “Be-Attitudes” are our focus this Sunday morning. I like how the HCSV in our learner commentaries translate the verses. The wording of the attitude is placed first and then the blessing, ie. “the pure in heart are blessed for they will see God.” The first four “habi-tudes” (Tim Elmore) seem inward with final four being outward focused. To me, they all seem like something I must continue to embrace and the best way to do that is to stay prayed up, be filled with the Spirit, find encouragement/accountability from others, and study the Word.


I look forward to seeing you this Sunday as we begin this rich study of Jesus’ teachings about how to truly live as he meant for us to!


Things to Ponder:

Sometimes the opposite of a word/phrase helps us define it. What is the opposite of poor in spirit, mourning, gentleness, hungering, purity, peacemakers persecuted?
Do you think attitudes create actions or actions develop attitudes?
Perform a quick attitude check right now toward others in your family or close friends. Is everything as it should be?
What is your attitude toward about personal Bible study? group Bible study?
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