Malachi–How Do You Treat God?

 “How do you treat God?” is the title of this week’s lesson taken from Malachi 2 & 3. You recall that Malachi is written 400 years before Christ and employs a question answer dialogue approach. It is as if God is the prosecuting attorney with the people of Israel being on a witness stand. The thing about it is that God is also the judge!
There are some commercials on TV where a child is constantly asking the “why” question. In one episode, the adult says, “go ask your dad”. The adult has grown weary of the constant questions. In Malachi, we find a similar event in that the people are accused of wearing God with their words. They have gone through the motions of religious faith even saying the right things. But in reality they have not been living for God. Their entire culture is self-centered, filled with exploitation of the weak, and with no concern for moral behavior. God is weary of their selfishness.
Every aspect of their culture and lives was trivializing God and His Word. And yet they expected God to provide for them, to answer their prayers and to give them all they desired, even though they had drifted from Him. One aspect of this was in their finances. The Israelites were robbing God by not returning 10% of their income.
God states judgment day will come and the people will be purified like silver or cleansed like a garment. Perhaps this was a forecasting of the time of Jesus and/or a time yet to come.
There is so much parallelism in these passages for us today. Read the Scripture and use your member’s book to gain insights. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any sin in your life! Above all, make sure you are walking with God and not walking away from Him. Your life will be so much better if He is supreme!
Things to Ponder:
Is God weary with you?  Do you need to renew your relationship with Him?

How can you walk with God each day?
Do you trust God with your finances? Why or Why not?
How is tithing (giving 10% of your income) an indicator of your spiritual life?
Faith in God requires responsible living and giving. Do you think God will use you if you are holding back from Him?
Are you asking God for His blessings?
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