Malachi –Honor Your Commitments

It’s no surprise that so many people never understand the things of God. And its become very common unfortunately, for people to turn away from God or from their marriages. The reasons are as evident today as they were in the times of Malachi. The spiritual leaders were not following the Word and the people wandered with no clear instruction.
The erosion of the religious faith in ancient Israel as it does today, leaves the temple or the church ineffective. When we do not uphold the Biblical standards of faithfulness to God, to marriage or even to each other, the results are chaotic with everyone turning into mini-gods who are selfish and hurt others “treacherously” (Malachi 2:10).
Malachi 2:7 states that spiritual leaders should guard knowledge and people should seek instruction. Later in verse 15 of the same chapter, we are instructed to “watch ourselves carefully” again avoiding treacherous behavior.
When we put God first in our lives and live according the Bible, we will be able to honor our commitments to Him and others. Our marriages will flourish, our children will have proper examples, and we will truly experience the abundant life in Christ that is promised to us in John 10:10.
Things to Ponder:
Do you think some denominations have strayed from the teachings of the Bible? How has that impacted our culture?
Should culture influence faith or faith influence culture?
How can this passage help you to honor your commitments?
What Christian marriage are you emulating? Are there any families you know that you should be praying for God to heal their marriage and family. How can you help?
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