Malachi–Doubting God’s Love

The last time you questioned God…what was it about? Something tragic in your life? feelings of aloneness? Perhaps you wondered if He was listening?
Turning things around some…When was the last time God questioned you? What was that about? Your actions, your faithfulness, your dependence, your love?

The Old Testament book of Malachi (“my messenger”) is an incredible account of a dialogue between God and His people. The question and answer portrayal is that of God acting as a prosecuting attorney and also the judge. It is the people of Israel, as well as you and I, that are in the witness stand. God’s basic questioning pattern stems around lack of evidence of our love for Him.

This Sunday in Malachi 1, God questions our attitude regarding worship. He accuses Israel (us too) of just going through the motions. He says that we offer less than our best. Word pictures of a son not honoring his father or a servant not honoring his employee are used. Israel’s response is a contemporary response in that it smacks of “what are talking about God… us?… we did what?… you have got to be kidding!”

Worship is a verb not just a noun. It is something we can do every day and should do on Sundays. When we worship corporately we come together to praise Jesus and exalt him. This week let’s examine our attitudes about worship and focus our attention on God’s love for each of us.
Things to Ponder:
What do you get out of worship? What do you give to worship?
How can you better prepared to worship both privately and corporately?
What things do you think God would question you about? How would you respond?
God’s love is consistent toward us. How consistent is yours toward Him?
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