A Legacy of Love

What motivates you? What makes you want to exercise? or to learn? or to make more money? or to help someone?
Our motivation originates from various stimuli. In our Sunday Morning Bible Studythis week, Paul says his motivation comes from Christ’s Love. Paul’s every action was compelled by the love of Christ and the desire for others to know Him.
As we trace through 2 Corinthians 5, Acts 17, and 1 Thessalonians 1, we discover how love, motivated by Jesus, results in transforming people. In the first passage, Paul declares his love, in the Acts passage he shares his love and in the Thessalonian passage he acts upon his love for Jesus and of people.
Because the apostle Paul’s entire life was centered in Jesus, he wanted others to know of the wonderful love and life-change that Christ brings. You and I are also motivated by this same love as we serve others, talk to friends and family about Jesus, and as we give of our money, time and energy to spread the Gospel.
Is Christ’s love motivating you to make a difference each day you live?
Things to Ponder:
Paul uses the word compel. How would you define it?
Are you aware of Christ’s love every waking moment or only on occasion?
Who are sharing with…praying for…serving?
Have you witnessed those whom you shared Christ’s love sharing it with others? How does that make you feel?
Praying for others is essential. I pray daily for my family, groups I teach, our church and for our neighbors. Who is on your list?
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