A Legacy of Faith

Do you believe that God provides? Does He seem to be present at just the right time?
In this week’s Sunday Morning Bible Study in Genesis 22 we find the story of God directing Abraham to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice. Child sacrifice was common in that day and yet Abraham knew that God had promised him future grandchildren for generations to come. And yet the Bible records both in this passage and in Hebrews 11 that Abraham was faithful believing that God would bring Issac back from the dead if necessary. In fact Abraham was so confident that God would provide that in Genesis 22:6 Abraham says “we will come back to you”.
Imagine the faith that Abraham exhibited. And even more so, think about the faith that Isaac had as well, trusting his elderly father with his life. The real test here is not to prove something to God! Instead God was proving something to both Isaac and Abraham. He wanted to show them that indeed, He is the Provider. God desired for Abraham and Isaac to not only to trust Him, but to also believe in themselves.
Think about how Abraham and Issac must have felt knowing that they had been obedient to God. Reflect on how they now saw Him as Provider. I can assure you that their faith increased just as yours and mine does when we listen to Jesus.
Things to Ponder:
What is God asking you to do that may not make sense to you?
Who is a “legacy of faith” in your life? Who are you watching?
And who is watching you?
How have you come to know God through your experiences and His Word?
Think of some ways you can show your faith today!


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