A Life of Hope

Happy Mother’s Day!
What is the hope of every mother? One answer is that her child will grow up to be a productive well-rounded person…and may I add…a person of faith. That was Hannah’s desire as we read about her life in 1 Samuel 1 & 2.
Hannah is one of many women whose faith in God is chronicled in the Bible. She was a woman of prayer and conviction. Her prayers were ones of heartbreak and also ones filled with joy. She wanted more than anything to have a child and God provided her heart’s desire. Her son Samuel, became one of the leading prophets of the Old Testament and greatly influenced the nation of Israel and her kings, Saul and David.


Hannah had hope. When we lose hope chaos develops. But with hope we can focus on our lives and find direction as we are led by the One who freely gives to his children hope, faith and love.

Things to Think About and Ponder:

Remember when God answered your prayers? What or for whom are you praying now?
Hannah’s perseverance is remarkable. How is God growing you during your times of longing for answers or direction?
Hannah’s prayer in 1 Samuel 2 is a prayer of praise to God and a story of how He reverses situations. How is God the Great Reverser in your life?

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