Foundations of Our Faith

At the Sunday School teacher’s meeting this past week we talked about how spirituality can be defined.  Four of the ways included (1.) by following laws/rules (2.) spiritual indwelling (3.)religious activity and (4.) mystic experiences.  This week’s Sunday Morning Bible Study helps to bring some clarity to being spiritual.

Jesus states in John 15 that He is true Vine of Israel and that to know God was to abide in Him. This teaching bewildered or enlightened his followers as before now the Jews thought of themselves as being a very special “vine” from God. When we are connected to the Vine, then we will bear spiritual fruit referring to both character and to actions/witness toward others. Keep in mind too that God prunes the branches so they will bear fruit.


Paul speaks in both Romans 6 and Galatians 2 about our relationship with Christ. As baptized believers we have symbolically declared our trust in Him according to Romans 6. “We have been crucified with Christ”, Paul says in Galatians meaning that He now lives in and through us as we yield ourselves to Him.


What does it mean to be spiritual?  Many things. One thing is true though, is that being spiritual means spending time in the Word of God and being with other Believers. One of the best ways to do this is by being involved in your Sunday School class.


Things to Think About and Ponder:

How has God pruned you in recent months?
What fruit is ripening in your life? What would you ask Him to ripen?
Several were baptized this past Sunday. Several commented on their connection to those baptized. How do you feel when you see someone grow in their faith knowing that God used you to help them in their spiritual growth?
As a Sunday School group, how can we encourage each other in our walk with Jesus?

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